text & direction by Amir Reza Koohestani
adaptation from the original play Englandby Tim Crouch

with Negar Javaherian and Rambod Javan

show in persian with surtitles
running time 70 minutes

production Mehr Theatre Group
creation in Tehran, September 2012
production manager Mohammad Reza Hosseinzadeh
company & tour manager Pierre Reis


The Fourth Wall is a pure political and contemporary performance.
When she was 5 years old, an Iranian girl immigrated to USA with her family during the Iran-Iraq war. There she married to a half American-German art curator.
She got Atrial Fibrillation and urgently needs someone to denote her a healthy heart. As she has two passports, she can apply for the heart in Iran and USA. They move to London to live between these two countries so in a case if either one of these countries call them to come and take the heart, they don’t have more than 6 hours flight which would be deadly for Atrial Fibrillation patients. Day by day, she gets closer to death. They lose their hope.
Her husband loose his tempered and he can’t stand seeing his wife getting weaker and weaker.
One day their phone rang. They ask them to urgently attend in Ahvaz’s hospital, South Western of Iran. Iranian embassy doesn’t give the husband the visa because he travelled to Israel.
So she comes to Ahvaz, and got the heart. A month later, a half Iranian-Iraqi woman knocks her hotel’s room and says that the heart they donated her was her husband’s heart who had a car accident.
She says that when she signed the paper to denote her husband’s heart, she didn’t know that it was for an American citizen.
An American soldier killed the father of this woman in Iraq war and now as she feel betrayer of her husband’s heart is in the chest of an American woman, she wants it back.