Mehr Theatre Group

The Mehr Theatre Group started in Shiraz, Iran in 1996, with an acting workshop. The aim was to create a new type of theater — far from traditional Iranian theater — based on new stage direction and new acting style influenced by film.

Amir Reza Koohestani joined in and eventually, after 6 months’ workshop, they decided to create theater productions based on their trainings. Since Amir was the only one with writing background, he dedicated his time writing for the company.

In 1999, Koohestani’s play, The Murmuring Tales, won several awards in the International Fadjr Festival in Tehran, which was a turning point for the company to present their works in the main theater festivals of Iran. At the age of 23, Koohestani wrote and staged Dance on Glasses in Shiraz, and gain attention of several theater curators. Thanks to international tours, his following plays and tours were produced by international theater festivals such as Kunstenfestivaldesarts, Wiener Festwochen, Holland Festival, and Theaterformen Festival.

In 2005, he started his collaboration with a French production office based in Paris (and met Pierre Reis) which carried his international tours (2005-2008). In 2008, the Mehr Theatre Group became a French based association dealing with major part of international tours of Koohestani’s productions.

In 2013, the Mehr Theatre Group produced Mahin Sadri’s new play, Belayer, to open a new window for other members of the company to develop the aesthetic of Mehr Theatre Group.

The Mehr Theatre Group is one the most well know Iranian theater companies in Iran and has gained international acclaim with successful performances across the world. The company has won awards for Best Theater Company in Iran (2010), First Best Theater Production in Iran for Ivanov (2011), First Best Theater Production in Iran for The Fourth Wall (2012), Second Best Theater Production in Iran for Timeloss (2013).