text, stage design, lights & direction Amir Reza Koohestani
director’s assistant Mahin Sadri
choregraphy Ehsan Hamet & Mohammad Abbasi

musics Host Of Seraphim by Dead Can Dance, Orion by Metallica, Thousand Years by Sting
vocal composition Ali Moini
costumes Sharareh Mansour Abadi & Ali Moini

with Sharareh Mansour Abadi & Ali Moini
dancer Mohammad Abbasi

show in Persian with surtitles
surtitles technician Mahin Sadri
runing time 1h20 (no interval)

production Mehr Theatre Group
coproduction Kunstenfestivaldesarts
Created in Tehran in 2001
company & tour manager Pierre Reis


The man and woman are seated, each at the far end of a four meters long table.
Spectators in the audience sit facing one another listening to them.
They are just talking. He keeps asking: “Are you afraid when you dance on the glasses?” The more he hassles her the more she withdraws; the more he tries to trap her the more she runs away.
Dance on Glasses is the third play by Amir Reza Koohestani. His writing is new, vivid and sharp: passion for giving everything hides the desire to control it all; persistent refusal reveals the hunger to be free.
Even if it means getting lost.
It might be an Iranian story, but the battle is universal.