Mahin Sadri was born on 1979 in Rasht, Iran. There, in her early 15’s, she begun her literature activities writing poems and also took some courses in cinema. Later in Tehran, while doing her B.A. in German language, she continued her career as a journalist and became art editorial writer of some magazines like Alef, Tajrobeh, Seda, Aseman and since 2016 Shiveh Art magazine. Through that way, she met Amir Reza Koohestani and started working as his assistant for the plays Recent Experiences and Amid The Clouds. Then she travelled with him to Cologne collaborating in direction and translation of Einzelzimmer. In 2007, she co-wrote the plays Dry Blood & Fresh Vegetables and Quartet: A Journey North (produced by the Mehr Theatre Group), which is based on one of her documentary movies about Iranian serial killer. For this production, Mahin Sadri also starts her career as a an actress. Then she played in several Koohestani’s plays: Where Were You on January 8th? (2010), Ivanov (2011), Timeloss (2013) and Hearing (2015).

Since a few years, Mahin Sadri started writing plays for other directors: Fathers House (London, 2007), a radio play for BBC Persian radio; Persian Cat (Tehran, 2011) directed by Elham KordaA Bit More Every day (Tehran, 2014) directed by Afsaneh Mahian; Love Kills (Tallinn, 2014), an adaptation of Hamlet with Estonian actors; From the Basement to the Roof (Tehran, 2016) directed by Afsaneh Mahian.

She also wrote and directed her own plays: Belayer (Tehran, 2013); Second Person (Tehran, 2017) and will create a new one in April 2019.

Mahin Sadri is also on stage with the ensemble of Münchner Kammerspiele in all productions by Amir Reza Koohestani: Der Fall Meursault (2016), Die Attentäterin (2018), and Macbeth (2018).

In April 2019, she will create a new play with the Mehr Theatre Group, in Tehran.